Stomach Acid Saliva Tears To Tiara Rhiannon And Arawn

After leaving their homeland and becoming Arawn's wife, her ability to see the future seems to have been lost, although she manages to predict Taliesin's future when they revisit Erin. However, her parentage are mixed with humans so she is only partially Elf. Her name originated from the Celtic mythology, Rhiannon.

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He has the honor as the First Warrior of the Gael Clan. He is a direct descendant of Elf-King Pwyll, and resembles him in his appearance as well although Limwris the House Elf has some trouble recognizing him as King Pwyll's descendant due to the sudden shock of Arawn coming back to the castle. He was led by Arawn to.

Morgan is a member of the Gael Clan. She occasionally fights with Arthur for the position of First Warrior of the Gael Clan. She is the second of Arawn's wives. Her thinking is simple and she loves to hunt and eat a lot. She gets into all sorts of trouble when she drinks alcohol. When Morgan was drunk in episode 5, she called.

The Terrible Demon King, he slept for a thousand years after his body is critically injured on the battlefield. Drwc resurrected him using a ritual involving Riannon as a living sacrifice, but is instead killed by Arawn after he saves Riannon from Drwc's control. When Arthur challenges Arawn while attempting to "save" Riannon.

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